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Stay with us


At our new and growing facility, we offer Overnight accommodations all the travelers of Central America.  Whether you want to stay to catch tomorrow surf bright and early, that charter fishing trip leave so early, or you want one more day to enjoy the peace and beauty of the beach, we have your place to stay.

With comfortable accommodations for all travelers on a budget, we hope you’ll find your temporary home with us again and again.

At our Brand New Hostel and Campgrounds, we have private parking, direct beach access, personal lockers and surf board/sporting goods storage.  A Brand new Natural water bathhouse, food service and combination discount packages with our sister property, The Beachfront Ananda Spa.


About Us

We have a passion for life, beautiful environments and happy people. We gave up the 9-5, the politics, and the eternal struggle for tomorrow to follow our dreams and live in the now. We want to share our amazing ways of life with you.

The Beach

This is Playa San Diego.  We have the Beach!  You have direct access from your lodging to the beautiful beaches of Nicaragua.  Not only do we have some of the best wave action in the region, but some of the quietest sandy environments to be found.  It is east to find yourself while embracing the tranquility of the beautiful surf without the crowds.



Our guests can enjoy some after hours entertainment at our Game Center.  We offer a selection of Board, Card, Beach and Backyard games to enjoy.   Our Video Game Lounge offers a rotating selection of games on multiple platforms.  We host tournaments and events for you to pit your skills against other guests and the local champions!

Restaurant & Lounge

Our restaurant serves typical Nicaraguan food, and some local specialties that are out of this world.  We have fresh produce grown locally and the ocean provides delicious surprises daily. But it’s not all seafood!  The pueblo offers many food options, and we take the best that we find!  We will have everyone full and happy, even the most delicate bellies.


We like to keep in good shape too, so our gym is open for our guests to use.  We have a strength training facility with everything you need to keep those muscles tuned up.  We often host professional and amateur athletes, who come to train, recuperate and share the latest techniques.  Come during one of our seminars to learn from the masters, or just pop in when you feel the desire.

Towel Rental

No Towel? No Problem!!!!  We know that this beach visit may have been a spontaneous addition to your trip.  Or, that you are going to stay longer with us.  You wouldn’t be the first!  We have Beach Towels available if you forgot to bring yours.

Book Exchange

Done with that novel? Still on the trail for a while?  We have many travelers passing through our gates.  Maybe they want to read it too! Maybe they have something you want to read?  We take out the guesswork.  Visit our Book exchange.  Borrow one to read.  Leave one for someone else.  Pass it on down the line!!