Estimated time: 30 minutes / Price: $10

A relaxing and rejuvenating way to nourish your skin, our basic facial takes you through the process of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moistuerizing your skin, also with the aid of steam and gentle massage.

Fruit Facial


Estimated time: 60 minutes / Price: $12

This addition to your facial, fruit derivatives are used to benefit your skin. Packed with vital nutrients, they are used to stimulate your skin, improve tone and texture, reduces wrinkles, spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation, enhance cell renewal, and revive the skin eliminating dryness.

Vitamin C Facial


Estimated time: 60 minutes / Price: $15

Enduring the same process as the basic facial, our vitamin C facial adds a bit of a boost. Using the aid of vitamin C helps to brighten our skin, support healthy collagen levels, reduces unwanted pigmentation and wrinkles, restore elasticity and firmness, and restore your skin’s natural radiance.

Seaweed Facial


Estimated time: 60 minutes / Price: $18

This enriching facial treatment is packed with minerals, vitamins, amino acid, and trace elements. Ideal for all skins types, but specially dry and dehydrating skin, this puryfing treatment heals, detoxifies, and nourishes the skin well toning and firming at the same time.

Collagen Facial


Estimated time: 60 minutes / Price: $20

Naturally our bodies produce collagen, but as we get older the amount becomes less. Use our collagen facial treatment for protein, which makes your skin elastic, firm, and pretty! This treatment revitalize your skin, giving you a more radiant appearance.